Flower csa: week three, July 25th

In this week’s bouquet:

Ammi (gone to seed): If you liked the seeded dill in your bouquet last week, then you’ll probably like the ammi seed heads this week. I really love the darker-toned heads too. There’s so much to appreciate about the different stages that flowers go through. Sometimes the seeded version of a flower is the most interesting stage.



Celosia: The three main kinds of celosia are cristata (crested), spicata (spiked) and plumosa (plumed). There are three different colors of the plumosa variety in your bouquets this week.



Hibiscus (Mahogany Splendor variety):



Lisianthus: (Comes in many different varieties) Two of my favorite varieties which made it into you bouquet this week are Roseanne dark brown and Roseanne black pearl. They are dustier pink and purple varieties



Mountain Mint:





This is the same rudbeckia that’s been in your bouquets the last two weeks, but the rain and sun has created a faded and tie-dyed look to the stems in this week’s bouquet. I think it’s the prettiest version of this hardy perennial.








Zinnia (queen lime red variety):

This week’s zinnias are unbelievably pretty, sturdy, and long-stemmed. Most zinnias (as easy as they may be to grow) do not look this beautiful, I swear. All thanks to Andrew Olson and his incomparable growing skills…





Once you bring your bouquets home, tear the brown paper off and recycle or save for gift wrapping/letter writing/list making/etc. Fill up a vase or mason jar ⅔ of the way with clean water and lay your flowers all out on the table. Without thinking about it too much, try giving each stem a little trim, cutting them at different lengths and dropping them in your vase. Creating varying heights of flowers at different positions in your vase will go a long way, trust me.



If I could offer one more tip for past, current and future use of flowers, it would be to not be afraid to experiment with your flowers. For me, as an artist, flowers are a limitless source of paint/color and sculptural material to play with and arrange. They don’t merely have to be limited to your yard or in a vase.

Below is the result of some recent flower play time:




Thanks again for your support of my small business and your interest and support of locally-grown flowers. I hope you enjoy your bouquet this week and enjoy playing with your flowers!


A few words on cut flower care:

Flowers are a short-lived little pleasure. They require a lot of sun and water and care. (some a lot more than others) Then we cut them and they begin to die, and generally don’t look perky anymore after 3-5 days.

However, there are ways to extend the life of your flowers. Once you bring your bouquet home, I recommend taking a sharp pair of scissors and cutting of the very tip ends of your stems at a 45 degree angle, then dropping them in a clean vase of water. (at least 4-5 inches of water, depending on the width of your vase) In two days, do the same thing again. Give a clean cut to the ends of all your stems, wash your vase, fill with clean water and drop them in again!

Even after two days, you’ll notice that your water will be a little murky. The murkiness is bacteria that has built up as your flowers die and decompose in the water. Letting them continue to sit in this dirty water, will only speed up their dying process.

2 thoughts on “Flower csa: week three, July 25th

  1. Jamie DiEmidio July 31, 2017 — 7:24 pm

    I am loving This CSA and appreciate all your hard work~ Thank you much~


    1. You’re so welcome, Jamie! Glad you’re enjoying your flowers.


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