Fall csa: week 3, october 3rd

This is the third week of the fall csa, and it actually felt like fall while I harvested! Everything looks so sturdy and happy in the cool weather. It’s really a treat to see all the dahlias and mums in bloom. This week all your flowers came from Shepards Farm in Roxborough! Such incredible dahlias..


In this week’s bouquet:

Amaranthus: IMG_6831


Celosia: There are three different varieties of celosia in your bouquets this week. The brain-shaped, maroon-colored celosia is a cristata or “cockscomb” variety. The pink, spiked variety is spicata celosia and the yellow variety is argentea celosia, a plumed variety.



Chrysanthemum: I’m not sure the name of this variety, but hopefully it will help to give you a nicer impression of mums that are locally-grown, and that aren’t the potted white generic mums you see at the grocery store every year. Mums are a really interesting plant because they are photoperiodic and require a certain amount of daylight hours to develop buds. IMG_6830


Cosmos: There are two varieties of cosmos in this week’s bouquet: Purity and Double Click. (white and burgundy) Have I mentioned that this is one of my top favorite flowers? IMG_6835.jpg


Dahlia: There are 5 varieties of dahlias in your bouquet this week. I apologize that I don’t know the names of all these varieties.. IMG_6832.jpg


Zinnia: I couldn’t resist cutting the zinnias this week. It’s almost the end for them this season, and I love how they start feeling hardier and their coloring changes as the weather gets cooler.IMG_6833

Last week, I talked a bit about my favorite design tool, the flower frog. This week I’d like to suggest breaking up your bouquet into lots of little mini-arrangements and scattering them throughout your house, or on one main area, like a long window-sill, mantle, or table. I’ve found that often flowers will last longer if you break up one large bouquet into small bud vases. I think it reduces the amount of bacteria (the flower dying) being created in one area of water and also encourages you to focus your attention on single flowers instead of as one large bouquet.


It’s fun to break up one large bouquet and decide what colors and shapes you’d like to put next to one another. It also forces you to play around with flower height, which can be great!

I really love seeing what you end up doing with your flowers. If you don’t have any social media outlets, feel free to snap a photo and email it to me at fromblossomsflora@gmail.com. It’s a treat for me to see how you’ve decided to enjoy your flowers, what corner of your world they sit in, and in what ways they’ve inspired your creativity.


Tips for enjoying your flowers + making them last longer:

Flowers are a short-lived little pleasure. Once we cut them from the field, they begin to die and generally don’t look perky anymore after 3-5 days. (depending on the flower) Though I personally think their dying and drying out process is a unique visual experience to enjoy just as much as when they’re perfect and lively right after being cut.

There are ways to extend the life of your flowers as long as possible. Once you bring your bouquet home, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut off the tip ends of your stems at a 45 degree angle, then drop them in a clean container of water. (at least 4-5 inches of water, depending on the width of your vase) In a couple days, repeat that same process. Give a clean cut to the ends of your stems, wash your vase, fill with clean water and drop them in again!

Even after two days, you’ll notice that your water will be a little murky. The murkiness is bacteria that has built up as your flowers die and decompose in the water. Letting them continue to sit in this dirty water, will only speed up their dying process.

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