Fall csa: Week 4, October 10th

This is the last week of the fall csa, and the first time I’ve ever harvested for the csa in the pouring rain. (not too shabby considering this was the 27th time I’ve harvested!) Not surprisingly, it was probably the fastest I’ve ever done it too. It made me realize that I’d like to upgrade my rain gear for the future. Anyone have some good rain gear recommendations?

This week all your flowers came from Andrew Olson’s flower fields in Roxborough. I’m so grateful to Andrew and to Cassie at Jig-bee Flower Farm for letting me come to their fields and allowing me to share their beautiful flowers with all of you. It’s a lovely privilege to distribute such beautiful flowers. On that note, thanks again for supporting my little flower business and local flower farms. You make it possible for me to do work that I love!

In this week’s bouquet:

Amaranthus foliage – A bunch of the amaranthus flowers had been eaten by deer when I approached them this morning. If they hadn’t chewed off the tops of the stalks, I would have not realized what a nice texture and color these stems are on their own, even without the flowers. I really wanted a nice dark foliage this week to contrast the brighter-colored flowers, so I decided to cut some of the amaranthus just for the foliage. IMG_9242.jpg
Celosia: There are two different varieties of celosia in your bouquets this week in three different colors. The brain-shaped, maroon-colored celosia and bright orange celosia is a cristata or “cockscomb” variety. The creamy peach, spiked variety is spicata celosia. Hopefully you haven’t grown too tired of all the celosia. It’s kind of a staple in the cut flower world, and I love all the different shapes and colors it comes in! IMG_9237.jpg

Cosmos: I would have liked to cut more of the cosmos for the last week but the rain was really knocking it around, and making already-delicate petals even more delicate, translucent and wet. IMG_9238.jpgI love this view of the cosmos as it gives you a nice sense of the delicate transparency of the petals and the intricate toothing of the edges of the petals.


Dahlia: There are three different varieties of dahlias in your bouquet this week. All of them have made it into your previous bouquets. (from left to right: Ivanetti, unknown variety that I call “Kat’s favorite”, Maarn) IMG_9233.jpg

Strawflower: Making a small appearance for the first and last time in your bouquets this fall.. Strawflower can be cut at different stages of opening. As you can see, the strawflower in your bouquet is still kind of closed up and not fully opened yet, but you still get a taste of its rich color. Depending on how open yours is already, it may open up a bit over time. IMG_9240.jpg IMG_9241.jpg

Sunflower: Cherry Rose variety of sunflower is so good!

Thanks again for all your support. I’m already looking forward to next year’s csa!


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