Summer csa: Week 1, July 24

Welcome to From Blossoms CSA! I’m so glad you decided to join this year’s installment of local flower bouquets. If you’re a new member, I’d like to first give you a quick background on the csa. When I started the csa four years ago, I was still working as a full-time flower farmer at Laughing Lady Flower Farm in Doylestown, PA. Since I was growing flowers at the time, I figured a flower csa would be a fun way to test out running a small business and distribute some of the beautiful flowers I was growing at the time. That first year it was called “Learn the Flowers CSA”.

Since that first year, many things have changed. I’ve distributed bouquets at pick-up sites in Barto, West Philly and Northern Liberties. Every year I host a pick-up site from my front porch in Germantown. Every week during the csa, I post a blog entry with photos and names of the flowers in every bouquet alongside flower-related thoughts and reflections. From the beginning I didn’t want to just distribute flowers. I also wanted to cultivate further interest in the flowers themselves by creating an online journal where members could learn and reflect on the actual names of each flower. In my own life I’ve found that learning the scientific and common names of plant and animal species creates another level of regard for the natural world and helps cultivate further learning and curiosity.

For the past three years, I’ve sourced my flowers almost exclusively from two local flower farms: Andrew Olson’s farm in Roxborough (@shepardsphilly) and Jig-Bee Flower Farm in Kensington. These two magical farms/ flower farmers have made it possible for me to continue the csa and I’m so lucky that I’ve been able to distribute their beautiful flowers. Four years ago, I wanted to create a bridge for more people to get to experience their flowers (besides just floral designers!). Since that time, both farms have expanded and are selling their flowers through many different outlets all over the city. It’s been an exciting time to see more and more local flower farms popping up and more designers sourcing from the local economy and becoming less reliant on the messed up, exploitative, global flower market.

Now back to the present-day version of the flower csa. This week, all your flowers came from Andrew Olson’s flower fields in Roxborough. On an overcast, misty morning I got to pull from his beautiful, growing selection of perennial plants as well as those gorgeous annuals. So I hope you enjoy this week’s bounty and thanks for making it all possible.

In this week’s bouquet:


Celosia, cockscomb variety






Physocarpus or “ninebark”


Mountain Mint








Sunflower (this one’s not quite open will open though!)

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