Summer csa: Week 2, July 31

I’ll admit that it’s always a little challenging for me to roll out of bed before 6am to cut for the csa, but once I’m up and out, I always feel good about what I’m doing. (It’s kind of hard to believe that I used to roll out of bed at 4:30am in the morning when I used to work at the flower farm in Doylestown. The thing you do for love.. of flowers) This morning, when I walked out my back door the dim, early morning light and cool air reminded me of fall. It was pretty strange, but I’m not complaining.

This week, I drove first to Jig-Bee Flower Farm in Kensington and collected three different colors of lisianthus, the variegated coleus and some queen anne’s lace pods. What do you think about the “Roseanne Brown” lisianthus? It’s one of my favorites because it’s just so antiquey-looking, like it was pulled straight from a dusty book about medieval flower gardening or something. I also love the coleus for its two tones. As a floral designer, I’ve found that the two-tone flowers and foliage end up being the bridge that rounds out a great color palette. Those multi-colored flowers allow us to incorporate many colors together in one arrangement in an integrated and seamless way. I have to say that I was also pretty excited when I saw the Queen Anne’s Lace had gone to seed and was turning a subtle rusty brown color. I have always loved the texture and color of those particular seeds pods and think it’s a great addition to any summer bouquet.

The rest of your flowers and foliage came from Andrew at Shepard’s Farm in Roxborough and no surprise here, his farm is somehow immaculate despite the heat and the rain. I’m talking gorgeous, neat rows of color with very little weeds. If you see Andrew, give him a big pat on the back for pulling off this summer feat.


In this week’s bouquet:




Physocarpus “Ninebark”









Queen Anne’s Lace seed pod






Lisianthus (white, yellow, “Roseanne brown”)



A better look at the “Roseanne brown” lisianthus






Celosia, cockscomb variety


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