Summer csa: Week 3, August 6

You’ll find in your bouquet this week an abundance of white lisianthus. This is because the local flower farmers planted a lot of white lisianthus and there’s more available than the floral designers can buy. Part of how my csa works is that I cut what is available after the local floral designers have sent in their weekly flower orders. It’s always interesting to see what colors and types of flowers are popular from week to week and then scoop up the bounty of what might have otherwise been left in the field. If you haven’t noticed already, lisianthus is one of the longest-lasting cut flowers there is, so hopefully you can enjoy yours for a few weeks! Keep in mind you can extend all your flowers vase life by ensuring that your vase is clean and changing out the water every day, giving your stems a fresh cut.

This week’s flowers came from Andrew at Shepard’s Farm in Roxborough and Jig-Bee Flower Farm in Kensington. It actually felt like summer when I cut this week and the heat and humidity have been trying to wear down my spirits. I hope this week’s bouquet will bring a little lightness into your week!

In your bouquet this week:











Physocarpus / Ninebark














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