Summer csa: Week 5, August 21

This morning was just so nice. The weather was cool when I left my house, and it kind of reminded me of fall. The grass was cold and wet on my feet. As I walked to the first field to start cutting flowers around 6:30am, I noticed a big spotty mass hanging from the back of a fence post. Upon closer inspection I saw the light blue flower shape hanging from the bottom and knew exactly what I was looking at! In an episode of the BBC’s Earth, there is a scene where David Attenborough observes and explains the mating ritual of leopard slugs. It’s very slimy and maybe a little gross- but also strangely beautiful. Anyways, after you’ve seen the video it sticks with you. Pun. All that to say, I was intrigued and pleased that I stumbled upon this strange happening and had to share it. I apologize if you follow my stories on Instagram and are being forced to see this image again.. it’s just so crazy!


Alright, that’s enough talk about slugs. Just a few notes about some of the flowers in your bouquet this week. First of all, rudbeckia is one of my favorite flowers. Even though I get a little rash when I cut it because of it’s sticky little hairs.. I just love the shapes, sizes and colors it comes in. (mostly yellows, reds and oranges) When you see a big patch of it, it just looks so hardy and strong. There’s an extra special stem that I cut this week, so you’ll have to inspect your bouquet to see if you have it!

Also, you may have noticed that your stem of dark brown millet is covered in seeds. Millet is a very common bird food mix ingredient, so if you’re feeling up for an experiment and willing to sacrifice your millet, try hanging it upside down outside your window to see if any birds make their way to it.

The last thing I will mention is that there is cosmos in your bouquets for the first time this summer, and it is another one of my favorite flowers. It’s maybe hard to notice in your two stems, but cosmos is one of the most bouncy, playful flowers out there. Often there are many flowering heads on one stem reaching out with lots of gesture and expression.  I highly recommend getting your hands on some cosmos seeds and experimenting with planting them in your front yard, back yard, in a big planter- wherever! Thanks for reading and I hope enjoy your flowers this week.

In your bouquet this week:











Physocarpus (two different varieties)




Lisianthus (pink, blush pink, roseanne deep brown, white)




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