From Blossoms was founded by Kat Claar, a flower farmer, floral designer and unofficial student of natural history.


At a young age I was enchanted with the world of salamanders and crayfish in our creek. As an adult I became fascinated by birds, moths, and caterpillars. My introduction to flowers came later without fanfare, intuitively down the line of nature’s most beloved forms of color and texture. Floral design allows me to continue my study of the natural world through a daily sculptural practice. This practice is for my own fulfillment and expression and is something I am able to share with my brides, csa members, friends and family.


During a summer in college, she orchestrated a summer-long project of gardening, homesteading, and community involvement at her parent’s farmhouse in Bedford County accompanied by ten of her friends. This dreamy summer introduced her to the possibility of sustainable, creative living and of setting life goals and achieving them. Upon graduating she spent a season managing an organic vegetable farm & 100-member CSA in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania and familiarizing herself with the CSA model of farming.

In 2010, Kat moved to Philadelphia and eventually discovered her passion for growing flowers and designing them.  For three years, she grew cut flowers and eventually managed Laughing Lady Flower Farm in Doylestown, PA.  Starting in 2013, she began doing wedding work and learning about floral design. Kat strives to transform her love of flowers, nature, and design into a life-long pursuit of learning, sharing and creating.