FROM BLOSSOMS is the beginning of a sentence that can end in different ways. From blossoms comes spring, pollination, fruit. From blossoms comes color, celebration, remembrance. For its founder, Kat Claar, FROM BLOSSOMS is an evolving project in pursuit of experiencing and sharing flowers in new ways.

Kat started out as a flower farmer in 2013 and soon became a floral designer. She was lucky enough to meet and learn from Kate Sparks (former owner of Laughing Lady Flower Farm), Amy Young at Wild Stems and Peicha Chang at Vault + Vine. Kat has been managing wedding events since 2014, running a flower subscription service since 2015 and participating in the Philadelphia Flower Show since 2017. Her installation at the 2019 Flower Show won a gold medal in the floral invitational category and a bronze in 2018.

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