From Blossoms is me, Kat Claar. I started out as a flower farmer and evolved into a floral designer. Sometimes I like to say that I’m a flower artist. I’m trying to figure out how I feel about being alive and how I can say it with flowers.

I run a flower bouquet csa in the summer, in an attempt to disperse the amazing flowers that Philadelphia flower farmers grow. I do it to encourage the practice of keeping flowers in ones house and to learn the names of those flowers. When I first started the csa, it was called “Learn the Flowers CSA.”

I produce floral work for big events, like weddings. I do it because it’s a practical way of designing flowers while making a living, learning how to communicate and collaborate better with other people, and because I’m organized and apparently like keeping track of a million little details.

I also enjoy collaborating with other artists, creating fun flower installations for parties, reading many books in the winter, and cuddling with my dog Abby.

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