” I love having flowers at home, and the From Blossoms CSA took my joy to a whole new level. Kat’s bouquets are carefully selected with a diverse array of flowers; her color palettes are thoughtful and interesting, and I learned to know and love flowers I’d never even heard of. Kat was also super encouraging in my quest to develop basic flower-arranging skills, so that my weekly bouquet became an opportunity for me to express my creativity.  And I LOVED supporting local, good-for-the-environment businesses. ”            – Andrea (2016 member)

” I write this in the winter, so how sad it is to not be sitting next to a vase of my weekly treat that was From Blossom’s Flower CSA. The simple and convenient CSA allowed me to have an array of locally sourced flowers without having to buy 10 different kinds at a place like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Instead, Kat does a beautiful job curating a weekly bunch of flowers that fit with a seasonal pallet. As a photographer, it made my week being able to document the change of season through Kat’s CSA (and obviously it makes your Instagram look pretty lovely). If you want to immerse yourself in the local Philadelphia flower community, this is definitely the way to experience it. ”   – Kate (2016 member)

” Picking up my bouquet was the highlight of my week. Kat’s arrangements are beautiful in every way possible. Each week I marveled at the blend of texture, color, and shape – every bouquet was a unique and gorgeous surprise. The flowers brightened my house and my life, and made me happy each time I looked at them. I also loved the fact that they are locally and sustainably sourced, and that I could enjoy them knowing I was supporting a thoughtful, conscious, and environmentally responsible organization – from my own community, no less! ”     – Kasey (2016 member)

” My experience as a From Blossoms CSA member has been delightful. The flower pick-up location is well-organized and convenient.  The bouquets are unique and carefully-crafted. It is a treat to pick up a new bunch of flowers each week. Throughout the summer, I host many guests at my home and I love finding neat ways to display the flowers. Often I will break up the bunch to make smaller bouquets to place on night stands and dressers; and I even left a single stem beside the bathroom sink. The flowers are a lovely touch to brighten up our living space and I never mind the compliments from our friends and family. ”    – Ashley (2015 & 2016 member)

“ The highlight of my summer in Philadelphia is my weekly From Blossoms flower bouquet! I look forward to a colorful, fresh bunch of beautifully packaged flowers each week. There are familiar favorites and always lots of new beauties in the mix. I love that they are grown locally and every bouquet comes with an inspiring online journal entry with stories behind each of the flowers. ”    – Catherine (2015 & 2016 member)

” As a From Blossoms CSA member, every week there is such vibrant life that comes into our life and living space. Knowing where the flowers come from and having the journals to learn more about them really makes you feel more connected to the earth. A gift that I’m not sure I could have anticipated beforehand, for it’s really helped to ground me in this body, in this place, in this planet; in the most beautiful way. ”    -Nick (2015 member)

The image featured above, is a commissioned piece by H.K. McCormack, a local Philly artist.

Gloriosa Lilies (above) by H.K. McCormack piece above. The stems that inspired this portrait were grown by Jig-Bee Flower Farm in Philadelphia.

Sign up! (2017 membership)

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