What is it?

From Blossoms CSA is a project dedicated to the distribution, education, and inspiration of locally-grown flowers.


Over 80% of flowers bought in the United States are imported, primarily from Ecuador & Colombia, where there is cheap labor/unfair pay, fewer regulations, and an ideal climate for flower growing. These flowers look fresh upon arrival at large chain grocery stores because they’ve been sprayed with pesticides and preserving chemicals. This is why they still look good after traveling thousands of miles. The remainder of flowers you might find at the store are from California, cultivated with intense irrigation in a drought-stricken state, then similarly sprayed with chemicals to preserve them on their journey east.

When you become a member of our CSA you support the growing movement of local flower farms, right here in the Delaware Valley.  We source locally from a variety of cut flower farms in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. It’s our privilege to distribute these beautiful, locally-grown flowers to more people.

Once you sign up, you receive weekly bouquets as well as access to a weekly informative, online journal, introducing you to the specific flowers in your bouquet each week and the context in which they were grown.  We hope that after receiving your locally-grown bouquet of flowers and learning more about them in our journal, you’ll be open to the inspiration that follows.


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